How to Keep an Arm Trophy

Dating an arm trophy is exciting but all the work is in maintaining the relationship. Here is a how-to guide to keeping an arm trophy girlfriend.


Choosing to wake up with love.

There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice (F. Scott Fitzgerald). When you wake up receiving all those notifications from her. If someone texts you "I missed you" or simply asks "Where are you?", are these basic subtle questions enough to imply how someone values us? Relationships come... Continue Reading →

Why International Dating?

We understand why people react negatively once they hear the word international dating sites. After all, positivity and negativity rise like the sun and moon. However, international dating sites still manage to receive positive reviews throughout the years, despite the backlash. Americans say that online dating is a good way to start meeting people. Nowadays,... Continue Reading →

Is Melania Trump a Trophy Wife?

There has been a lot of speculations regarding Melania Trump and her relationship with President Donald Trump.  Donald Trump received a lot of backlash and criticism because of his unruly behavior and had been divorced twice.So unlikely for a man to get a woman like her. Despite those critics, Melania supported him all throughout his way even... Continue Reading →

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